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The Relaxation Solution Workbook and Journal

This workbook and journal will aid any mindfulness based stress relief program. It's the perfect companion to the author's book, The Relaxation Solution: The Secret of Stress-Free Living. It also stands on its own for anyone with a daily practice.

Inside you'll find pages to record your stress reduction practice: daily, weekly, and monthly pages for a full 52 weeks.

Each daily page has space for:

  • Theme of the day
  • List of meditations practiced, with notes
  • List of stresses observed, with notes
  • List of relaxation remembrance triggers
  • Mood check

Each weekly page has:

  • Theme of the week
  • Space for free-form notes

Each monthly page has a self-evaluation questionnaire based on the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS), so you can observe your progress from month to month.

Publisher: Empty Mind Publishing LLC
Copyright © 2022 by Stephen Diamond. All rights reserved.

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The Secret to Stress-Free Living

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Does anxiety disturb your rest and hijack your health? Are you stressed-out, tense, and desperate to relax?

You're not alone, and it's not your fault. Our environment today is dominated by stressful situations. You've learned to respond to stress by tensing up, to the point where you're making yourself tense, anxious, and even ill without realizing it.

Unconscious behaviors are stressing you out, and it's time to pay attention!

But don't worry, there's an easy solution. When you bring these patterns into the foreground of attention, then you'll regain your flow. You'll rediscover your peace and happiness.