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About Stephen Diamond

Stephen DiamondStephen Diamond has studied self-realization, nonduality, mindfulness, and meditation for 50 years. He founded More Than Mindful in 2015 and The Relaxation Solution in 2022.

A former music student, Chief Information Officer, software architect, and political candidate, Steve began teaching mindfulness in 2015. His guided meditations have been played nearly 30,000 times on the Insight Timer mobile app, where users have rated them 4.6 out of 5.

Steve has studied and practiced various kinds of nonduality teachings, including Zen Buddhism and Advaita Vedanta. And he’s practiced several types of meditation: TM (transcendental meditation), zazen, vipassana, metta, and mindfulness meditation.

In 2022 he brought all that experience plus new techniques and insights into his ground-breaking stress relief program, The Relaxation Solution.

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